Monday, July 29, 2013

Sixth Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

This week has been absolutely wonderful! So many miracles and so many other great things happen!


  • we went and visited that San Miguel Mission/church...kind of creepy, but super old and super cool...we walked around the cemetery and found out that the first Christian Native American was buried there! Fun fact!
  • we got cowboy hats at the 99 cent store and did a LEGIT photo session on the railroad tracks in San Miguel (pics to come)
  • although we didn't do that much proselyting, it was really hot and took the energy out of both of us


  • we had correlation with the Spanish branch and with the English ward
  • we had an inspection of our apartment and, of course, we passed :)
  • we started English lessons with one of our Spanish investigators...she's really enthusiastic about learning English so she can communicate with other people's great for us too because we can talk about the gospel while we're teaching her even though she's not super enthusiastic about taking the lessons
  • after correlation with the ward, Hermana Romero and I went on some visits with Brother Grover, our ward mission leader, and Bishop Richards, one of our ward missionaries (used to be bishop)...we got to see some less actives that were really happy to find out that sister missionaries were now in the area
  • on our way home, we were joking about how we'd see Rascal Flatts on the street (they were the ones performing and the fair this night) and we started singing "Life is a Highway" after a few minutes we rolled down our windows as we were passing the fairgrounds and WE HEARD RASCAL FLATTS SINGING LIFE IS A HIGHWAY right on the chorus!!!! I almost died!!!


  • Pioneer Day!
  • we got to go to the ward activity and the best part (other than the fact that we had two investigators there!)....we dressed up! we went to Goodwill and found the best outfits we could
  • while we were at Goodwill a little girl came up to us and asked us if we were missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day cute! she told us that she was in the Atascadero ward and was excited to see us!


  • we had district meeting and Hermana Romero and I got to give the EDPEP (explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate, practice) was kind of fun!
  • every visit that we went to we sang and people commented on how much they could feel the spirit and how much they loved it!


  • we didn't do any proselyting due to weekly planning and service
  • for service, we got to pull weeds at a wolf rehab was really cool!  the wolves were so pretty and the heat wasn't too bad
  • we had the branch pioneer day activity and watched "Legacy" was great because since I can quote it in English, I was able to quote it in Spanish too!...only the Gonzales family and President Custodio came, but it was still a really nice experience and I got to talk a little bit about how much I love Nauvoo and the pioneers


  • we managed to talk to all of our English investigators with a baptismal date!
  • BOB - smashed his pipe!!! He's trying really hard to quit smoking and we couldn't believe he actually did that!
  • LAUREN - we got to feel the baby kick and talk to her a little bit about hope
  • ANGIE - we had dinner with them and she opened up a lot to us! she showed us a ton a pictures of her and her kids from when they were little...we found out that she's only a year older than Hermana Romero too!
  • BRO. FOLTZ - we actually got to stop by and see him and his wife after not seeing them for three weeks!


  • the Foltz' came to church today!! they were going to leave after sacrament meeting, but Brother Grover convinced them to stay for Sunday School...the lesson was about baptism and after the lesson, Bro. Foltz went up to Bro. Grover and asked him to baptize him on August 10th if his brother still wasn't feeling well!  at first, bro. Foltz didn't want to be baptized by anyone else other than his brother, but he's come a long way!
  • we got to teach Angie a lesson about the Book of Mormon...we read 3 Nephi 11 with her and her husband...she told us that we answered a lot of her questions about baptism without even knowing! it was truly a miracle!!
Since this was the last week of this transfer, the Assistants call all of the missionaries that are going to be training during the next transfer on Sunday night.  They let everyone else know where they're going on Monday.  It turns out that I get to train this next transfer!  I'm really nervous, but I know that I'll be fine because it's what the Lord wants.  This morning we got another phone call from our zone leaders telling us where we're going.  Herman Romero is staying in Paso training, but I get to go to the Moor Park 1st Ward...I'm training, we're whitewashing, AND I'm doing it all in English!! I was completely shocked that I wasn't doing Spanish!! Hermana Romero told me that she thinks that I'm doing English because Heavenly Father knows that I can already speak Spanish and He needs me to help train an English sister!  Transfer meeting is tomorrow, so next week I won't be writing from my beloved Paso...I'll be in Moor Park!

Thanks for all of the prayers and support!

Con Amor,

Hermana Halliday

Bob smashed his pipe!

Olivia Coons

Jane Foltz

Working in the vineyard for the Lord

Even more gorgeous views!

 My District

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