Monday, July 1, 2013

Second Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

This week has been great! (except for the heat, it's been over 100 degrees everyday this week...about as bad as Bakersfield)  My companion, Hermana Romero, is still great and she's such a great trainer.  Since I didn't have that much time last week, here's some more fun facts about her:
- she's from Mexico City
- she's been living in San Diego/SLC for the past 7 years
- she's a convert (converted when her family moved to the US 7 years ago)
- she's hilarious!
- she's been on her mission 7 months
- she has such a strong testimony of the gospel and such a strong desire to share it with everyone - she's definitely a hard worker
- she just had her 22nd birthday

- we got a new investigator in Spanish and English...for the English one, her name is Angie and she's friends with the Grover family (Brother Grover is the ward mission leader)...she committed to start taking the lessons with us...her husband is a member and really wanted her to...they came to dinner when the Grover's fed us
- we went to the Foltz's to visit again and teach Noel's (recent convert) parents...we taught them the restoration and Brother Foltz commit to baptism!!  Apparently, he had been really stubborn in the past and he told Noel that we had a different spirit than the elders did...he also told her that it was amazing that we were able to almost finish each other's sentences when we taught, especially during that first night when we had just barely become companions...he thought we rehearsed it a lot...I guess we're pretty compatible together!

- since it was Hermana Romero's birthday, we got to go to the LA Temple!!  We only get to go to the temple during our birthday month or our companion's birthday month...I didn't think that I was going to get to go so early, but I did!  The Coon's (a family in the ward) took us.  We were having a rough time trying to find a ride (it's about 4 hours away), but they told us that they felt prompted to ask us to go.  It was such a beautiful temple!  So big too!!  When we were inside, we had a question that we couldn't find the answer to or anyone else knew the answer to, so we went and asked the second counselor of the temple presidency.  We ended up having a three on one mini lesson with him about our divine nature and all sorts of other cool and inspiring things that we had never thought of before.  It was seriously one of the most amazing experiences that I've had. 
- after the temple they took us to Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes!  I hadn't been in a while and I forgot how delicious it was!

- we got to do service at the food bank and box carrots...we met all sorts of fun people and got to talk to them a little bit
- last week we arrived at the park to meet with Jorge, but we were a little late and we couldn't find him anywhere...since he's homeless it's really hard to get in touch with him...this week when one of our investigators cancelled on us, we felt prompted to drive by the park to see if he was there...he was!  After a long hard day of knocking doors and no one answering, it was a needed miracle that kept us going.
- we taught Angie again and commit her to a baptismal date!

- we had district meeting again...this week it was focused around teaching people and not lessons.  Hermana Romero gave a talk on being diligent and putting all of our effort into sharing the gospel with others.
- after the meeting, we got to go help some members on their farm.  Hermana Romero and I didn't know that we were going to go help, so we were still in our proselyting clothes and the other Hermanas changed.  When we got to the farm, it turned out that we were helping harvest wheat.  Of course, the first thing we thought of was how the field is white and ready to harvest in relation to missionary work. We were still able to help even though we weren't dressed properly. The members had an old sickle that we got to take pictures with and our pictures turned out cooler b/c of our clothes!
- we had another lesson with Nelly (her brother's an RM, but the rest of the family isn't members)...she told us that she kind of felt pressured to be baptized and outright told us that she didn't want to be even though she knows the gospel is completely true!  She's such a sweet girl and we keep praying for her.
- we had dinner at the Collett's turns out that Bro. Collett's great great grandpa founded Salmon, ID and he knows Jenny Edwards who lives there...Small world!

- we had weekly planning today
- we had to go to the chiropractor because Hermana Romero's shoulder was dislocated!  The chiropractor adjusted it and everything's good now.  He's a member of the church and gives services to missionaries for time I'll probably get adjusted just because I can.  He told us that on his mission in Sydney Australia, they weren't allowed to use the members to help them with the work, so they knocked doors for 70 hours each week!  I'm so grateful I don't have to do that!
- we taught Lauren...she's the daughter in law of a slightly less active member...she has some special needs, but is one of the most genuine and sweet people I've ever met.  She's expecting a little girl that's due in September!  After we taught her, we commit her to baptism!!  That makes three in English and one in Spanish for August 10th!!  We're stoked!!
- Hermana Romero told me that I was going to be one of her bridesmaids at her wedding!  She said that they were going to be her first six companions.  She's so sweet!

- we taught Jane (Noel's daughter) today...she's only here every other week because she goes and stays with her dad.  We taught her the 10 commandments along with hand signs... she loved it!
- we taught Jorge at the park again
- we went back to Noel's for dinner after our other dinner appointment cancelled on us...she invited us and was thrilled when it all worked out.  She's super sweet and would do anything for us if we asked. 
-  after the lesson with Jorge, we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (which is right across the street from the park)...I forgot how much I miss my job and love chocolate!
- we, along with Hermana Linderman and Hermana Higgs, had a special fast for the Spanish branch.  Most of our investigators are in our English wards and we're struggling a little with the Spanish branch.  (we broke our fast with the RMCF) :)

- we found out today in the Spanish branch that there are about 100 members/less actives/recent converts that don't go to church and haven't been contacted in years.  We now know why there are four Hermanas in the branch!  We can't wait to get to work! I know that the Lord will answer our prayers if we have a sincere heart and really want to help others.
- we finally got to introduce ourselves in both services on Sunday.  People know who we are now!
- we had a linger longer after church with the English ward!  It's been so long since I've been to one of those!
- we went and visited Sister Regier (a recent convert getting ready to go to the temple) and talked to her about gifts of the spirit and how to help others by using what we've been given. 
- we had dinner at Bishop Goforth's house and even though we didn't eat that much because of the linger longer, he shared a nice message with us about how even in the hard times, we should trust in the Lord because he knows us better than we know ourselves. 

Overall, I absolutely love being out here in Paso!  The scenery is so beautiful and I love how wide open it is.  It's all still close, but not too close.  It's definitely the type of place I want to live in the future!

Thanks for all of the support and prayers from everyone.  They're definitely helping with the work!  Love you all and miss you!

Con amor,
Hermana Halliday

PS: thanks for all the letters and things I've gotten...I really do appreciate them! :)

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  1. You are a fabulous missionary! Keep enjoying the work. Sister Moorman