Monday, July 15, 2013

Fourth Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

This week has been seriously really great!! Each day I learn something new and am able to apply it better to my life.  

On Monday, Hermana Romero and I were able to visit the Foltz family again.  We had a little Family Home Evening lesson with them and were able to watch The Testaments.  The spirit was very strong and I could tell that Brother Foltz was really touched by it.  After the movie, his wife had a lot of questions and before we could answer them, he jumped in and answered them!  It's almost hard to believe that he's only preparing to be baptized.  

On Saturday, we had a baptism in the branch!  Hermana Higgs and Hermana Linderman have been teaching Rosa and finally on Saturday, she was baptized.  Hermana Romero and I decided to sing a special musical number.  We sang "Asombro Me Da" aka "I Stand All Amazed"!  It was really nice to be able to sing it again and think of the MTC.  Hermana Higgs played the piano and she did a really good job as well.

Bob came to church yesterday!  We were really happy because he's the first investigator (other than the Foltz, who are practically already members) who has come to church since we've been here.  He came in to Sacrament Meeting a little late, but at least he came!  

We had dinner with the Coons Family yesterday and an investigator and her family were supposed to come as well, but they ended up cancelling.  Celia, the mom, wanted her daughter, Pilar, who has some special needs, to receive a blessing in Spanish, but we think that her husband didn't really want it.  We also think that she's just looking for a miracle so we don't know if we'll be able to continue teaching her unless her heart's in the right place.  

Tomorrow, we have zone conference!  Hopefully it'll be fun and I'll learn a lot.  We get to drive down to Santa Maria to meet with the rest of my zone (San Luis Obispo) and the Santa Barbara zone.  On Wednesday, the travelling sisters are coming up here and we get to do exchanges!  I'm a little nervous for it and don't really know what to expect, but I'm anxious to see what feedback I can't get.  

Hermana Romero is amazing as usual and is always so charitable.  I absolutely love having her as my companion and really hope that we still get to be companions next transfer, even thought that probably won't happen.  I can always hope though.  

The California Mid State Fair starts this week, but obviously we can't go.  :(  I found out that Trace Atkins and Brantley Gilbert are coming in addition to the four other country artists I mentioned earlier.  I'm definitely coming back after the mission!  Traffic is going to be crazy though all through this week and next.  Not looking forward to that!

This week, I've learned that the Lord will always be there for me no matter what.  It's been kind of difficult trying to fully understand everything in Spanish, but I've tried to listen with love and understand as much as I can.  I've definitely been able to tell that my love for those we're teaching has increased a lot even if I still don't fully understand them.

I love all of you and hope that you're all doing well!

Con Amor, 

Hermana Halliday

I attached some pictures in the next email that pretty much some up the gorgeous views here and why I don't want to leave!  One's from the front porch of the Foltz' home and the others are in Shandon.  I get to look at this everyday! :)

From Dad:  Here are a couple of pictures Sarah sent that I decided to add.  Who says missionaries can't have fun!  :-)

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