Monday, July 8, 2013

Third Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!!

Time flies by so fast!! Today's my 2 month mark on the mission! It feels like yesterday that I spoke in church or even was at's already been 2 months!!  Each day, I'm reminded of the wonderful miracles in my life that have got me to this point.  There's no way I'd ever turn back or change my decision to serve. 

- we got to go to Michael's and I got some fun stickers and other cute stuff on sale
- we had lunch at Chili's with the sisters in my district (Sister Morrison and Sister Wilkinson)
- we met a few new investigators to teach...Janet (Spanish) and Gracie (Spanish)
- Gracie works at the California Mid-State Fair and offered to get us tickets if we wanted them...too bad we can't go!
- the "noise" from upstairs (the Laughmillers) has been a lot louder lately...we don't mind because it's generally Bryson (their son) playing the piano...he's super good and he plays it all the time because he just got back from his mission and is waiting to go back to school.

- we had correlation with Brother Abbott from the Spanish branch...he fed us lunch and we came up with a lot of ideas on how to reactivate the less active members and help the branch grow in general...when he said the closing prayer, he gave all four Hermanas there a blessing that we would never be harmed and we would have success in the process...the spirit was really strong
- we finally got to meet Bob, one of our English investigators...he's working on recovering from smoking and he's already quit drinking...other than that, he's totally on board to get baptized on August 10th with everyone else

- we volunteered at the food bank again :)
- we were in Shandon for our weekly visit (because it's so far away) and we started trying to visit members that lived there and other investigators. No body was home and no body was outside either. We finally came to the last house we were going to visit, but the woman that we were trying to see wasn't there. Instead, we got to talk to her daughter, Cathy. It turns out that Cathy has had some run ins with other churches who try to tell her things that go against everything she believes. We we came and told her a little bit about the church, she told us that this church sounds perfect for her and her small children. We set up a return appointment so that we could teach her more about the Restoration. She's definitely golden!
- we got to teach Ana, a less active member, who's a really feisty teenager with many opinions...she's really nice though

- 4th of July!
- we had a breakfast at the church along with a flag raising ceremony
- at the breakfast, we found out that one of the recent converts in our ward got into a car/bike accident on the highway. He rides his bike to the Bishops farm to help with the horse's...we were told that he's in an induced coma and could possibly be paralyzed for the rest of his life.  His name's Rico and if you could all keep him in your prayer's that would help a lot.
- we taught Mauricia again about repentance and having faith to come to church
- we had district meeting. The zone leaders were there again and they got to talk to us about what they learned at the missionary leadership committee meeting.  They talked about how we need to sprout where we are planted and quoted "Facing the Giants" (a Christian movie)
- we also got to do a fun activity where we told everyone in our zone who our companion reminded us of from the Book of Mormon and why...I said that Hermana Romero reminded me of Alma and Amulek because she's so diligent and she said that I remind her of Ammon because I teach with love

- it was Zach's birthday today!  Happy Birthday buddy!
- we visited Bob again and talked more about the Word of Wisdom
- we visited Sister Patterson and Lauren (her daughter in law), but Lauren wasn't there...she had some premature labor complications and she's kind of struggling right now...she was at the hospital the last time we heard
- we had weekly planning
- Hermana Romero told me that she thinks I'm going to stay here in Paso and train on the next transfer!  I DO NOT think I'm ready for that, but she says I'd do fine and that she's never wrong when it comes to stuff like that

- we got to visit Maria for the first time today...she nanny's about 5 kids everyday and we got to sing some primary songs with them...we also got to teach her about the Restoration using paper cups to illustrate Christ's church and the Apostasy
- we got to finally visit Elta, Sister Holloway's mom (our RS president)...we got there at the perfect time because she was struggling a little bit...we were able to be there when she needed us most and comfort her...she told us that she didn't know if she'd like "girl missionaries", but after we talked to her for a little bit, she told us that she loved us better than the elders that were here before us

- another six hours of church!  (3 in Spanish, 3 in English) the best!
- Brother and Sister Foltz came to church today!  Brother Foltz even said the closing prayer in Gospel Principles!  First time he's ever prayed in public!
- we got to teach Angie at the Kerr's home and had dinner with them as well. We taught about the restoration and about the priesthood...Brother Kerr even gave Chris (Angie's husband) and priesthood blessing to give him confidence in getting the Melchizedek priesthood in (hopefully) a little bit!
- Hermana Romero and I practiced declaring and we had to do it in 2 and a half minutes or less...I did it in 2 min for English and exactly 2 and a half in Spanish!

I'm absolutely loving it here in Paso and hope that I get to stay a little longer!  Thanks for all the support and prayers!  They're definitely helping me!

Con amor, 
Hermana Halliday

PS: the pictures are from last week and this week! enjoy!

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