Monday, September 30, 2013

Fifteenth Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!!
This week has been an interesting, hard, uplifting, and who-knows-what-else one. 

This week, unfortunately, Shan-Shan told us that she didn't want to be baptized next month because she doesn't feel ready. She's going to be in San Fransisco for the next few weeks and we're going to be unable to talk to her about it. At first I was really upset (I still am a little), but as the day went on, I was able to think about the upside to it. I realized that a "no" is just a "yes" that takes longer. She's so ready to be baptized and has a strong testimony, but with time we'll be able to figure out why she doesn't feel ready. I'm not going to stop until we know how to help her best.

In addition to Shan-Shan, Pauline (another investigator with a baptismal date for next month) told us that she's too busy and doesn't have time for this for the next few weeks. We were also disappointed, but we thought about how she still has really good friends that are members that live right next door to her. This week we're going to have them reach out to her a little bit more than usual and listen to Conference just for her.
So yeah, there's been a few punches in the face, but there were so many good things that happened too!
Firstly, (random) we had dinner with the Smith family in our ward this week and found out that their son was Tyler Hawes trainer in the Phillipines.  CRAZY!

This week we were able to set another investigator with a baptismal date!  Her name's Linda and she speaks only Spanish!  We really excited because she has such a strong desire to be with her deceased son someday.  She gets that through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end is the only way that she can accomplish that.  She's really excited! We are too!!
Our lesson with Denisse this week was a whole lot better than the one last week!  She apologized for her friend and how rude she was.  She knew that the Spirit was not there last week because of the contention.  We also apologized for Brother ________, but she said we have nothing to apologize for.  She has such a sweet spirit and desire to do what's right.  She's still struggling a little with accepting the Book of Mormon, but we committed her this week to only read out of the Book of Mormon and not from other sermons she's found.  This week we're going to talk about the difference in her week and her feelings about the BOM.  Even though she may be a little stubborn at times, she's trying to do what's right.  She told us that we may be completely right, but she wants to be completely sure of it before making any decisions.  She knows that this decision will not only effect her salvation, but her daughter's salvation. 

On Friday, we got to receive some training from the Sister Training Leaders (Hermana Coleman, Hermana Bartschi, Sister Bennett, and Sister Burwell (my "grandma" on the mish :D)) and we finally got to have interviews with President.  I love President Castro so much!  He knows everything and how to help anyone.  I would seriously die for him.  He gave me a lot of good advice, but then he told me that he's really proud of the work I'm doing.  He told me that I'm performing as well as some of the other missionaries that are in their last 6 months or last few transfers.  It really meant a lot when he told me that he could trust me with anything, but more importantly the Lord could trust me.  He told me that the Lord showed mercy on him when He sent me to this mission.  In his words, "Heavenly Father wanted to give a break!"  I laughed a little inside, but was really touched by what he said.  After a pretty rough week with Shan-Shan and Pauline, this made me feel a whole lot better. 
On Saturday, we had the chance to go to the Relief Society Broadcast!  It was amazing!  I loved how much they talked about being able to be available when the Lord needs us.  It made me think about what I could do better to serve those around me and not just focus on myself.  I love our investigators so much and want them to see that not only do I love them, but Heavenly Father does too! 
So...I'm so excited for General Conference this weekend!!  I love listening to the prophet and apostles and receiving guidance and direction from them.  Everyone should try to watch it!  It's at 10am MST and 2pm MST on both Saturday and Sunday.  Watch all four sessions if you can!! 
I love serving here in Moorpark, but I especially just love serving my mission!  I love the people here and want everyone to know that.  I love all of you and want you to know that I pray for you everyday.  Thanks so much for the prayers and love!
Yo se que vive mi Senor y El quiere lo mejor para nosotros!  Nuestra Padre Celestial and Jesucristo nos aman mucho!  Yo se que esta iglesia es verdadera y que esta obra es lo mas importante en el mundo.  Les amo!  (Lo siento por no tuve la opportunidad para hacerlo.)

Con Amor,
Hermana Halliday
PS: Shout out to Sean Fisher for getting his mission call to the Brazil Curitiba South Mission!  He's gonna rock it!

Steak and Eggs!  Yum!

 Illinois License Plate (right down the street from our old house)!

Ring Pop!  Thanks Fam!

Missed call from President Castro!  :-|

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