Monday, October 7, 2013

Sixteenth Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

I really don't have that much to say about the work here this week, but there's a few highlights I want to point out. 

Last Preparation Day, as a zone we got to hike "an exceedingly high mountain" and have a Moses-like experience at the top. We were able to see our entire zone from the top including all the people that we've been entrusted to teach. The great expanse of what we saw helped me realize that there really is no way that we can do this work on our own. The Lord has to help us in order to accomplish this great task. The zone leaders made the experience really spiritual and Hermana Faletau and I learned so much and received so much inspiration and revelation on how to best help our investigators. I thought a lot about Denisse last weekend (including fasting for her), but when we were at the top of the hill, I was able to gather all my thoughts and think about what would be best for her. Part of my mindset was that I was going to make her change at some point, but after that experience and after President Uchtdorf's talk at Conference, I realized that even though it may disappoint me or make me really upset, I have to accept that because she has that gift of divine agency, she may choose to not take that step towards baptism. I think I'm able to love her more now that the little statistic isn't in the way. Overall, the hike was a good boost to our week.
On Friday, we had another lesson with Denisse and it went relatively well!!  We talked with her about how the Bible and the Book of Mormon are essential together and not separate.  She still had a lot of questions, but we're meeting with her tomorrow again and hopefully we'll be able to answer them. 

We also got to teach Ezra this week.  He still wants to be baptized on the first of November, so hopefully I'll still be here next transfer!

This week was a little bit harder than other weeks as far as teaching lessons, but we're still going to have a positive attitude and conquer this week like no other!

WHO LOVED CONFERENCE!?!?  I sure did!! It was so inspiring and uplifting.  Some of my favs:
Sister Stephens:  "sons of God need daughters of God and daughters of God need sons of God" - Do we accept the blessings of the priesthood?
President Uchtdorf:  "Come, Join with us!" - I mentioned this earlier
Elder Ballard:  "If every member invites one person to meet with the missionaries by Christmas, we'll have millions' of more baptisms!" - AMEN!
Elder Christofferson: "There is NO superior career to being a mother"  - woman have that innate virtue that raises the next generation in righteousness
Elder Holland: "Hope in Adversity" - I talked about this in District Meeting on Thursday before he gave this helped me understand what I talked to everyone about even more
Elder Oaks: "God's law never and woman only!" - I loved how upfront he was! (Elder Nelson talked about the same thing too!)
President Monson:  "I will not fail thee or forsake thee" - there was a lot about enduring our trials
Elder Cook:  "Nabucco!" - Avoid bondage of any kind (I played the overture to the opera he's referring to my senior year in band!)

I just loved everything about Conference this weekend!  If any of you didn't watch it, DO IT!! It will bless your life no matter who you are!

I love serving here and helping people find the truth!  Thanks for all the love and support of everyone!  It's definitely helping out!

Hasta proxima semana,
Con amor,

Hermana Halliday

 Us on an "exceedingly high mountain."  :-)

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