Monday, September 9, 2013

Twelfth Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!!

In case you didn't know, transfers are this week!  I'll just get to the point because I know you all want to know... I'M STAYING IN MOORPARK!!  and....I'm still with Hermana Smith!  I get to followup train her!  BUT...I'm also training a new sister again!!!  We're gonna be in a tri-panionship!  I haven't been in one yet, but hopefully it'll be a great experience even though I'll be followup training and training!!

This week has been so full of miracles!  

There was yet another baptism this past weekend for the Thousand Oaks 2nd Ward.  It was a really beautiful service and we were able to go because Denisse AND her husband Karsten came!  This is huge for them because they refuse to go to church because they don't it's true yet.  We've been trying to change their view on this, so it was amazing that they were able and wanted to go to the baptism.  

One of our investigators, Jason, hasn't been progressing until this week!  He'd always flake on our appointments and never read, but now, he's reading his scriptures as often as he can and he can't wait to come to church on Sunday.  He's had a lot of problems with the Word of Wisdom, but after we taught it earlier this week, he told us that he's been trying really hard not to drink and do tobacco.  Tobacco's harder for him, but he's honestly trying, so we're really happy about that.  

So, Bro. Seguine suggested that we take Sis. Hedricks (an older lady and also a ward missionary) to one of our appointments with a less active older lady.  He phrased it, "Sweet old lady with sweet old lady." He told us that it would work wonders.  Well, it did!!  They were so cute together and hit it off talking about all of the bone replacements they've had. :)  It was hard not to laugh, it was so adorable!!  It was great to involve Sis. Hedricks because she can't do a whole lot in her failing health.  She really appreciated being able to come with us and talk with Sis. Schaffner.  

We got a couch this week!!  Our apartment actually looks like an apartment now!  It's kind of homey.  The members here have been so generous with giving us things.  Most of which we didn't even ask for.  

The work here is amazing and I'm so grateful to be able to stay here and continue the work!  There's so many people that are so close to being baptized so I'm really grateful to continue seeing their progression!

Thanks for all the love and support!  It really helps!!

Con amor, 

Hermana Halliday

The Elders in our District

I found a street named after me!

Denisse, Talitha, and Me

Talitha (aka the cutest baby in the world)!

 Nancy with us!


The Seguine Family

Our District

The Sisters/Hermanas in our District

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