Monday, October 13, 2014

Sixty-ninth Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

Life is soooo good!

The area's doing so good too! We weren't able to be in it a lot this week again, and even though we only have like four investigators currently, two of them are progressing so well.

Maria is still preparing to be baptized on the 25th of October and her desire keeps getting stronger and stronger. We were able to meet with her 3 times this week plus she came to a stake baptism that happened on Saturday and she came to church for the third time yesterday. We were able to have a lesson with her after the baptism and she told us that it made her want to get baptized even more than before. She asked us why more people weren't getting baptized and then told us that she wanted to tell everyone about the gospel and encourage them to do it. The ward anounced her baptism in Sacrament Meeting as a save the date (since we don't have a set time yet) and then when they asked for "good news moments" in Relief Society, she raised her hand and told everyone how excited she was for her baptism on the 25th. I absolutely love her so much and I've loved being able to see the progress that she's made. A lot of the ward has already, on their own, fellowshipped her and they're being so supportive. It's really humbling and faith strengthening to be able to be a part of a baptism during the last week of my mission.

Daniel is also progressing so nicely. We were able to not only meet with him on the normal day that he has off of work, but he also let us meet with him during his only one hour break that he has in his twelve hour shift. He's so dedicated to the gospel and wants his family to have it too, but he still hasn't been able to get Sunday's off. We have to push his date back again, but I know that as long as we keep helping him feel the spirit and feel the fire that he'll get baptized one day. He has so much faith though. When we asked him what his wife would think of him getting baptized, he told us that she probably would, but that even if she didn't he was still going to go forward with it. He gave his reasoning based off of the scriptures that God has commanded us to follow Him no matter what our families think. He is so prepared to make covenants with our Heavenly Father.

As far as the feedback that we've heard about Meet the Mormons, everyone that we've talked to that has seen it has loved it. One member even said that when they went to go see it on Saturday, it was completely sold out for the whole day, so they're going to go back today to view it. The members are all so excited about it.

I still love working with Hermana White. This week I've been a little more emotional, since I got "the letter" (heading home info) in the mail, but she's been so supportive and says just what I need to hear. It's been great to just be able to go out and work hard when I don't feel good and she feels the exact same way. I love her so much.

My studies this week have been really special and sacred. I read the account of Christ in the Americas this week and I feel like I've been able to feel and understand the doctrince of Christ in a deeper way as it applies to not only missionary work, but to life in general. My love for the Savior has been deepened this week and my desire to work and increased even more. I've been trying to study for the goal sheet that I got in the mail, but I've realized it's a lot harder to think about than I thought it would be. It scares me a little that for some of the areas of focus I really don't know what to put down, but it's comforting to know that I have the ability to pray to ask for help and guidance and peace. I don't think I've ever loved my mission before as much as I do now.

This week we were able to do a little service while we were on exchanges in Solvang. We went to a Lutheran church and helped some older ladies make quilts that they send out to different parts of the world. Afterward, they provided refreshments and because there was more missionaries there than normal, they asked us to tell them a little about ourselves and where we're from. It was neat to see the openness and warm welcome that these women gave to us as we helped them serve others of God's children.
Thanks for all the love and support!

Con amor,

Hermana Halliday

Also, if you haven't seen Meet the Mormons yet, GO SEE IT! It's really good!

Sister Hegstrom, Hermana White and I at MLC 

Exchange with Hermana Hurley

My birthday dinner with my companion at Applebee's

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