Monday, October 20, 2014

Seventieth Week in the Field

Words can't express the emotional roller coaster that I've been on this week. It's been so good, but just crazy!

Camarillo is doing just great!

Maria is doing so great and is so ready to be baptized! She has such a strong desire to follow Christ and is ready for this change in her life. We were a little scared for her interview when it had to be directed to President Felix, but I'm glad everything worked out. SHE PASSED! We were able to go over after church to talk with her about more details and who she wants involved. The ward members here have been so helpful and are great fellowship for her. In fact, she already knew who she wanted to do what when we talked to her about it. We're working really hard on making sure that there's a big turnout on Saturday to support her.

Daniel is still also doing really well. We were able to meet with him again and read with him out of the Book of Mormon. He's pretty much still in the same situation and can't get work of on Sundays, but we found out about a few opportunities that have opened up in the community.

One thing that I love about Hermana White is that she's such a great listener. She always has such a strong desire to listen to how I'm feeling and help me feel better. I also love how she doesn't let stressful situations get to her that easily, so she's able to remain calm and think rationally.

My studies have been really interesting this week. I've been able to study a lot in the Book of Mormon, especially in Ether. Of course, I really love Ether 12 which talks about faith and hope, but I love how much it talks about charity. Lately people have been asking me what my plans are for after the mission and what I'm going to do with my life. I always thought that I was going to be an Elementary School Teacher, but now I feel like I need to adjust it a little to more of a small group or one on one atmosphere. I feel like I've been able to develop charity for others in a different way than I thought was possible and I feel like doing something more like that is more of what Heavenly Father wants for me. I'm still not completely sure, but I think my studies this week have helped me get on a better path.

This week for service, we were able to help out our Bishops wife with some household and cooking things while she was taking care of her children. Not only did we feel good that we were able to help out the Bishops family, but I feel like we gained the trust of their family even more.

We were able to go on exchanges this week with the Hermanas in Ojai and they're doing just great!

Life is so good! Thanks for all the love and support!

Con amor,

Hermana Halliday

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