Monday, October 6, 2014

Sixty-eighth Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

Such a great week! With two exchanges, General Conference, Interviews with President, and getting to see "Meet the Mormons" life was so crazy!  (By the way, go see "Meet the Mormons." It's so good!)

Our area hasn't had a lot of work done in it, but we were able to use our time effectively while we were there.

Maria is still preparing to be baptized on the 25th of October! We were able to get a less active (Aracelli) to give her a ride to conference yesterday and she really enjoyed it. She also read for the first time (on her own) this week out of the Book of Mormon. We still have a lot to teach her, but she's soaking up everything and is so willing to meet with us whenever.

Daniel is also still doing really good! We were able to teach him about tithing and fasting this week and he committed to do both. He's still struggling with getting time off of work to come to church, but he's trying really hard. He's talked to many people about it and hasn't had any success yet so he agreed to fast with us yesterday for a job opportunity to come up. We didn't get to see him yesterday, but we called him and he said that he was doing really well on the fast and felt good about it. We were also able to help him come up with questions to take to General Conference even though he couldn't go. It was amazing to see how almost all of the talks given applied to his qusetions. We're excited to talk with him about this and read some of the talks with him.

We were also able to meet with Hermana Camacho again. She told us that she doesn't really want to come back to church, but is willing to learn more about how she can get closer to God. We're hoping that by us returning and talking more with her that she'll realize that coming back to church is what will help her the most. We're still trying to figure out if she really is excommunicated or not, but we haven't heard back yet from our ward leaders.
I absolutely love Hermana White!  She takes everything step by step and loves every minute of it. I absolutely love that about her. She doesn't get stressed out easily which makes it very easy to work with her and have fun while doing it. She's always so positive and is a great help for me.

This week in my studies I was reading in Helaman 10 and verses 4 and 5 stuck out particularly to me. I read them at such a great time because one of my questions that I took to conference was "How can I know that the Lord is pleased with the work I've done on my mission?". I especially loved the part that talks about working with unweariness and being blessed not just in this life, but in the next as well. These two verses seriously changed my life. It helped me understand that not only do I need to take advantage of every moment now, but that when I'm released the only thing that should change is that I don't have the mantle anymore. It was so powerful.

We weren't able to do any service this week, but offered so much. It pretty fun seeing the surprised looks on peoples faces when they see that we really do want to help them with their lawn, or wash their dishes, or clear the table, or vaccum their carpet. It brings a little more hope into their lives and into mine.

Thanks for all the love and support!

Con amor,

Hermana Halliday

Picture from exchanges this week!

Picture from exchanges this week!

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