Monday, September 1, 2014

Sixty-third Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

This week has been absolutely amazing! Since we weren't able to be in our area a lot this week because of two zone conferences that we had to go to, we didn't think that we were going to be able to see a whole lot of success in our area, but we were so wrong.  We saw so many miracles and so much progression. 
Yesterday, we saw probably one of the biggest miracles on my whole mission.  We had decided to go see a less active in this one apartment complex after we had visited all the potentials we had planned.  As we were walking up the stairs to her door, we saw a man in his twenties and a little boy standing at the top.  When we were almost to the top of the staircase, we said hello, but then immediately, he asked if we had a recovery home or something like that that he could check himself into.  We were kind of shocked, but answered that we didn't, but that we could talk to him about what he was going through.  He (Raymond) looked us in the eyes and told us that he's an alcoholic and really wants to change.  He told us that he felt broken and lost and wanted to find his way back.  He told us that he was only 22, but already had three children and that he wants to set a better example for them.  As we testified of the redeeming and enabling power of the Atonement, he started to cry and say "I want that. I want that." Right as we were about to share Alma 7:11-13 with him, his wife and two other daughters came walking up the stairs and he wanted them to join our conversation.  The girls went inside, but his wife, Candice, joined us as we shared the scripture.  They both accepted it so easily.  Even though she's not battling an addiction or anything like that, she wants to support her husband and help him back on the path.  It was such a powerful lesson.  This FAMILY is so prepared to accept the gospel into their lives.  Tonight, we have another lesson with him and we're bringing a recently returned missionary with us.  We came up with a plan to help him overcome his addiction, so hopefully tonight will go well.
Nieves is doing so great!  We were able to have a lesson with him on Tuesday after zone conference and bring a member with us.  Hno. Gomez was perfect for him! He bore his testimony so strong of the Plan of Salvation and has been such a great help in inviting him to church and being great fellowship.  Nieves wasn't able to come to church yesterday, but Hno. Gomez told us that he called and invited him.  He also told us that Nieves is still reading in the Book of Mormon and loves it.  We initially wanted to get him baptized this transfer, but we'll see if it happens.  One thing that's great though is that it doesn't matter if he gets baptized this transfer or not as long as he's still progressing and growing in the gospel.

Raquel and Faustino let us do service for them this week! Initially when she told us about it and we offered our efforts, we didn't really know what we were getting into.  She told us that we were going to pull weeds out of her lawn and by the looks of her front yard, it didn't seem bad, but as we went to the back yard it became a lot worse.  Their yard is about an acre big with the biggest weeds and unwanted grass you could think of.  We didn't let this deter us, so we got to work.  After about an hour we got only about 2 square feet cleared.  We're really excited though because they said we could come back and keep working!  SERVICE!  It's been so great to be able to start doing more of it.
Even though we didn't have any exchanges this week, it was great to be able to see the Hermanas at the zone conferences.  I love being able to see their shining faces and hear about all of the miracles they're seeing.  We have some pretty outstanding missionaries/Hermanas in this mission.  I love being able to work with them.
I've been studying a lot about how to recognize the spirit more and how to utilize it more especially in discerning the needs of our investigators and the Hermanas we work with.  It was really faith promoting to see how zone conference helped me out a lot with that.  I also was able to re-read "The Challenging and Testifying Missionary."  I loved all of the references it makes concerning the relationship between being bold and having the spirit when we teach.  It was really powerful.
I absolutely love working with Hermana Brown.  Everyday I learn something new from her and can see the light of Christ so strong in her eyes.  She truly has a deep love for those around her.
For zone conference this week, we talked a lot about building Zion and how to accomplish a Zion mission.  It was so inspiring!  We watched a talk by President Uchtdorf where he talked a lot about "Fearing No Man" and just getting to work.  I absolutely loved it, but unfortunately, it was a talk that he gave at the new mission president's seminar, so we can't get a printed version of it.  I'm just lucky I got to watch it twice!  President Felix also introduced a new program that our mission is starting called JustServe.  We get to do more service now, but the catch is that we can't proselyte while we're serving.  It'll be hard because everything that we do is centered around teaching others, but their hearts will be touched.  I'm really excited!

Thanks for all the love and support that you all give me! 
Con amor,

Hermana Halliday

At the second zone conference we went to, five of my companions were there!  This never happens, so I figured I'd take a picture. :)  Sorry I'm not as good at taking pictures this transfer.  We're so busy!

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