Monday, September 8, 2014

Sixty-fourth Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

We were able to have a lesson with Naomi right after church yesterday. It was pretty short because they didn't have enough time, but it was powerful. She's so smart and told us that she already finished reading the Children's Book of Mormon. We were a little concerned about whether she would make her date or not, so we decided to change it to October 11th. We felt a lot better about it and her parents thought it would be better too. Raymundo, her dad, is still working on getting the priesthood, so that delayed her baptism a little bit as well.

Nieves is doing so well! We had a lesson with him this week and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like always, he accepts everything we tell him and we also found out that he finished reading 1 Nephi! We almost didn't believe him, but he told us everything he learned and it was all accurate! He's progressing so well, but the only thing that's holding him back is church attendance and some legal issues he's going through. He has to go to court at the end of October, so we can't set him with a date until then. Also, because he hasn't come to church since the first time, we think that there might be some fear because of how welcoming people were when he did come. He told us, though, that he knows he's becoming more converted and loves the gospel!

Raquel and Faustino are struggling a little with some legal things and we don't think they're ready to fully accept the gospel at this time. We decided to drop them, but we still go by and offer service and share a short message. I think that's about the extent of what we can do for them. They feel the spirit, but they're really preoccupied with getting everything sorted out. We pray for them everyday, but we know that someday they'll get baptized.
We were able to have a leadership training meeting this week with the Felix's as well!  I felt like I was able to learn how to help the Hermanas in the mission better.  A lot of comfort came from the help we received.

I still love working with Hermana Brown! This week we've been talking a lot about expressing our feelings more openly. There's been so many emotional things going on this week especially in regards to time. Every time we're around other missionaries, they're very open with time on the mission and when they're going home. It's really hard to hear it and realize that our time is coming soon. On the other hand though, I've been doing a lot of self evaluation and "checking my progress" of how far I've come. It can be comforting at times, but it still hurts. This morning Hermana Brown shared with me something that she realized in her personal study in regards to this. She said that the only thing that can cure "our bleeding hearts" is to study the Savior and become His best friend. The more I thought about this, I know it's true! Every hard moment that I've had on my mission has only been able to be overcome through turning towards Christ and accepting His love in my life. I feel like Hermana Brown and I have been able to grow so close through this process.
Gracias por todo el amor que me dan!
Con amor,
Hermana Halliday
"Never underestimate the power of love."

 District Picture

 Exchange with Hermana Killpack

 Exchange with Hermana Wallace

I forgot to mention that we got to go on exchanges this week to Santa Paula, but I stayed in Ventura both days

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