Monday, July 28, 2014

Fifty-eighth Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

This week was one full of miracles and so many blessings. Each day that passes by goes by so fast it's hard to take everything all in.

Garrett is doing absolutely amazing. We were able to have a lesson with a sister in the ward so that Melissa could start meeting more people. We retaught the first follow-up lesson on the Restoration and it went so well. Because he already knows it really well, he had so many great insights and comments that it felt like he was teaching us rather than the other way around. At the end, we both bore our testimonies on the power of baptism and it was one of the most powerful moments that I've been in throughout my mission. He and his mom are such chosen people and I'm so grateful that I get to work with them here. After, he told us that he was talking with his friend and told him about the church and invited him to come on Sunday. We had literally just done a role play with him and his mom when we had dinner with them last week that incorporated the same thing. He's such a great missionary. On top of that, he had his interview with the Bishop yesterday to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and he passed! He'll get sustained this coming week in Sacrament Meeting!

The Jones Family is also doing really well. Christopher and Justin are still really excited to be baptized and so is the rest of their family. We were able to have a lesson with their whole family at another members home this week and it went really well. The Mansfield family worked really well with them and they really liked it. We had to end up changing the date for their baptism to the 16th of August due to Stake Conference, but Natalie ended up approaching us about it before we could talk to her. On top of all of that, they were able to come to the Pioneer Day Activity that the ward had. It was really cute to see how they all interacted with the ward members and had a really good time afterwards playing the games that the young men and young women provided. They had a blast and Chris (their dad) bonded a lot with his sons as well. This gospel is definitely helping their family become more united and gain an eternal perspective. 

Monique is absolutely amazing. Like I said last week, she came to church last weekend and loved it, but because she did, this week she ended coming to the Pioneer Day Activity AND the baptism that the other Hermanas had (which we sang at!). She loved both and the ward was so welcoming to her. She was unable to come to church yesterday due to a quincenera that her cousin was having, but we were able to have a lesson with her on Friday. We brought Sister Cook, the Relief Society president, and we taught the Plan of Salvation. Even though we've only known her for about a week, it feels like we've been work with her for a few months. She understands the gospel and she told us that she had a lot of questions that were unanswered before that were answered by the Plan. She sincerely wants her family to be able to be more united and understands that the gospel will do that. She is definitely so prepared.

We were finally (after about 2 weeks) able to have another lesson with Juan this week where we talk about the Word of Wisdom. We knew that he had completely given up alcohol, but we weren't sure about the other things. It turns out he's completely good with all of that! He did, however, go into a 45 minute long story about how he found God in his life. We had Brother Ennis and Brother Salmon there, who probably weren't expecting that, but it turned out well anyhow. We ended up switching his date to the 23rd of August because we want to make sure that he's completely committed. During weekly planning we were debating on whether we should reteach the Restoration to make sure that he understands where this all comes from, but after we had our lesson on the Word of Wisdom, he brought up prophets and how much he loves we have one today. He definitely remembers what a prophet is and why we need one, which is great! He wasn't at church yesterday, so we're glad we changed his date. 

Vanessa is struggling a little right now with some financial issues, but she still has a sincere desire to learn. We were only able to stop by and have a brief lesson with the member we brought, but we're still trying to incorporate the Santa Paula ward more. She's been attending the Fillmore ward, but it would be a lot easier for her to come here. I love her so much and want the best outcome for her, but it's getting more and more complicated each time we go over there. We'll still keep fighting for her though.

In personal study, I've been trying to focus more on studying for the needs of our investigators, which I feel is helping a lot with figuring out their needs. I feel like my studies are becoming more meaningful and the spirit is definitely stronger. I'm definitely looking more forward to them in the mornings than I have before. 

Thanks for all the love and support!  

Con amor, 

Hermana Halliday

 P-Day at a member's land.  We got to pick from her orchard and garden!

 P-Day at a member's land.  We got to pick from her orchard and garden!

 P-Day at a member's land.  We got to pick from her orchard and garden!

Pie-o-Neer day at the church.

Pie-o-Neer day at the church.

 Pie-o-Neer day at the church.

Pie-o-Neer day at the church.

Pie makes people happy!  :-)

Me with Garrett, Melissa, and Bruno.

 Hobbs Street!

A random text from this guy named Larry....he apparently had met with missionaries in the past :P we got a pretty good laugh out of it

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