Monday, March 31, 2014

Forty-first Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

So much has happened this week that has kept us busy!

It all started out on Monday when we were able to visit the Galvan family. We decided to make Restoration cups with them so they could practice teaching the Restoration to each other and help their oldest brother, Bryan, understand the reason why we need to have a prophet here on earth again. He, unfortunately, wasn't there, but we're going back again tonight, so hopefully he will be then. We found out that they didn't answer the door when their ride came by to bring them to church, so there's more going on than just a miscommunication with the Hermana that was going to come pick them up. We're going to address that tonight.

This week and last, we decided to start going through our former investigators to see if any of them would be ready to continue learning about the gospel and meeting with the missionaries. We were able to find a few, but one of them, Vivian, was an especially great experience. When the missionaries had first started teaching her, she was only 17 years old, so her mom wouldn't let her get baptized because they were extremely Catholic. Now that she's 19, she wants to look more into the church again and she really enthusiastic about it. She wasn't able to come to church because her mom decided to do something as a family last minute. We think the mom still may be an issue, but we'll hopefully get to meet her soon and help her understand that we're not trying to take over her daughters life and take her away from her. (That was the way Vivian portrayed it.) We went by on Saturday to invite her to the baptism that Elder Carter and Elder Bryson had, but she still wasn't able to make it to that either. She did tell us however that she really wants to be baptized. It's just her mom that doesn't approve of it. 

When we went over to visit her this weekend, she wasn't home, but we met her older brother, Rudy. It turns out that he's been looking for what the truth is and he wants something to help raise his 10 year old son in. He had a ton of great questions that all were able to be answered by the Restoration, so what started out as a doorstep declaration, turned into almost an hour and a half lesson. It was such a miracle! We were able to set up a return appointment with him. 

We've still been working with the Ruiz family. Martin (the son) is still really hard to get a hold of and we're starting to think that he's trying to avoid us. His parents really want the gospel in his life, but he's in a rebellious stage of life and doesn't want to do anything that his parents want him to do. We found him a ride for church (Danny, our ward mission leader), but he called Danny and told him that he wasn't going to be able to come this week. We're still trying to figure out how to best help him. His parent's are still great though. We've been able to teach them a lot more and they're opening up a ton to missionaries whereas in the past they wanted nothing to do with them. 

Tobias is still really depressed, but he's getting a lot better. We were able to have a lesson with him before church yesterday with Hno. Govea and Hna. Guzman, but we lost control of the lesson. Hna. Guzman got so excited about being able to help us out that she launched into her whole conversion story and why baptism is such an important step. It was a really good lesson still and the spirit was still really strong, but Hno. Govea was the one that kept it on track about keeping the commandments. Tobias wanted to meet with us again after church, so we met him at the park and found out that he still has a lot of doubts about baptism. Hna. Reyes felt the prompting to go over the baptismal interview questions with him, so we did. It turns out that his main doubt is whether Joseph Smith really was a prophet or not. We decided to reteach the Restoration and it helped him a lot. I've loved being able to work with him and see the transformation that the gospel is helping him achieve. 

We were able to go visit Rosa this week as well. When we got there, she said that she didn't have that much time, so we decided to just read Alma 36 with her, but we ended up being there for about an hour anyway. Her faith and hope in the enabling and redeeming power of the Atonement has gotten so much stronger and she's starting to seem a lot happier. She's getting surgery again this week, so hopefully we'll be able to catch her at some point if she's feeling better. 

At District Meeting on Thursday, we were able to talk a lot about what it means to be a consecrated missionary. We read a talk by Elder Callister that helped me look at it in a different way. He talked about how the law of consecration is "the law of the temple, the law of the celestial kingdom, and the law of a Zion mission." Of course, I thought about what else I could put on the altar of sacrifice to help this mission, our investigators, and myself reach our true potential. 

At the baptism on Saturday, Hna. Reyes, Hna. Taylor, Hna. Player, and myself were able to sing "Mas Cerca Dios de Ti" while Jhon was getting changed. Once again the spirit was really strong as we were able to share our talents and our testimonies of the Savior. 

The General Women's Broadcast on Saturday was so good! I loved how much they focused on being covenant keepers and how everything we do should lead to the temple. I also loved how much they focused on the concept that "the errand of angels is given to women." It just made me be more excited to help investigators enter into the covenant of baptism and to one day be a mom and help my kids do the same. 

Thanks for all the love and support! I can feel it everyday as we're out working!

Con amor, 

Hermana Halliday

Me and my comp!

 The Galvan family!

 The Galvan family!

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