Monday, December 30, 2013

Twenty-eighth Week in the Field

Hola Everyone!

Christmas this week was so good!! I really enjoyed calling home and speaking with my family. At first, I really didn't want to call home because I liked the point that I was at and didn't want to get distracted, but as I talked with them, it was really edifying and I felt like I was able to help them be able to feel the Christmas spirit more back home. After the fact, I was glad that I had called and I know my family really appreciated it too.

We were able to go caroling with Elder Bostrum, Elder Bate, Sister Anderson, and Sister Heslop on Christmas Eve as well. It went really well and I was able to tell that the people we had visited really appreciated our efforts to reach out to them. A few of our investigators started crying and I knew that we chose to visit them for a reason. We had a chance to visit three investigators (Lupe, Sandra, and Ruben) and then visit Pablo as well.

Not too many people answered their doors unfortunately on Christmas, but we were able to go to district meeting (which was really good) and be edified. I love being able to get together with missionaries and feel the spirit that's there as we uplift each other. It's one of my favorite things about the mission.

We also got to talk to Pablo on Christmas Eve and Christmas. He seemed like he was really lonely, but when we visited him, he told us that we (missionaries in general) give him hope and help him feel happier. When we saw him on Christmas, it was a little later in the day and almost dark, so his brother's non-member family invited us in. We were able to have a lesson with them even though in the past they hadn't shown much interest. I'm really excited to be able to hopefully continue teaching them and help them realize the support that they need to give Pablo in preparing to enter into the temple.

On Thursday, we had a chance to visit Guadalupe. She has such a sweet spirit. Her kids were all there because they obviously didn't have school, so it was a little hard to keep the spirit there. We were really only able to share a quick synopsis of the Alma the Younger story and talk about how the Atonement can help her in her life as well. She has a few problems with her husband and she feels stressed all the time, but she wants to become closer to Christ. She says that she doesn't want to come to church because she has her own church, but we suspect that part of that is her husband. She had told us earlier that her husband doesn't like it when we come over and talk to her, but he deals with it because she likes it. She's been reading (not too consistently) the Book of Mormon and has really good questions about it.

Also, on Thursday, we were able to do a little bit of tracting and we found this Hispanic man (Eduardo) who told us that he lives in Los Angeles, but is always in Thousand Oaks and Moorpark visiting his friends. He also told us that he was interested in coming to our church services and knew exactly where the building was. He wouldn't give us his address in LA, but he gave us his number and told us to remind him about church. Unfortunately, he didn't come to church, but we're definitely not going to give up on him. He has a lot of potential.

On Friday morning, I woke up with a really bad headache and a sore throat.  It's really hard sitting or standing for an extending period of time or I get really dizzy. I've been sick for the past few days and still don't feel really well, but hopefully I'll be able to get better soon and get back to work. Hermana Shepherd has been really helpful and patient, but I can tell that she's starting to get kind of restless and wants to go out and work more. She's so sweet and always offers to do things for me. We've also been able to get to know each other a little better over these past few days and we've realized that we have so much in common. I love being her companion and really enjoy working with her. She told me that she's never had a companion for more than one transfer and, even though I know that the Lord may have other plans, I really hope we get to stay together for at least one more.

I absolutely still love it here in Moorpark. The area is growing so much and even though we haven't been able to see a lot of progress with our investigators, I know that they'll all be baptized at some point. They are all so near and dear to my heart and so is the branch. This is my favorite unit that I've been able to serve in and I'm really grateful for the opportunity to be here and getting to know these people. 
You're all amazing and I hope that you all had and great Christmas and will have a great New Year's.  Thanks for all the love and support that you've all shown me this year and I hope that you all had a great one too!

Con amor,

Hermana Halliday

Decked out house in Little Mexico

 Vikings fans in California?

  Vikings fans in California?

 Me here in bed sick!

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