Thursday, May 23, 2013

Second Week at the MTC!

I've loved getting updates from everyone and hope to be able to keep getting updates!! Although I love getting email updates, (it's free!) tends to work better because I only have an hour each week for email. I still definitely want to hear from people though.

This week has been a blast at the MTC!! I've learned so much from so many different people and hope that I'll be able to keep learning at the rate I am!! Spanish is going better than great. Hermana Higgs and I have made it our goal to only speak in Spanish unless it's absolutely necessary to speak in English. We know that we'll be able to improve a lot faster this way. My district is stil THE BEST!!  We all feel like family and are able to share anything with each other. My teachers still teach really well and with the spirit too.

As far as my day to day schedule, it's still pretty much the same as every other week, but this week we got a new investigator. We have two now! At times it can be challenging, but we know that we're
definitely being helped by the Lord to accomplish as much as we can in our time here.

On Monday our Sister Training Leaders, Hermana Boyd and Lyons, for our zone left to go to Chile. I miss them a ton, but at the same time I'm really excited for them to teach the people of South America. Because they left, we didn't have any Sister Training Leaders anymore, until Sunday.  Hermana Higgs and I were called to the Sister Training Leaders for the zone. This means that we're in charge of all of the sisters in our zone and have to make sure that they're okay. We work a lot with the zone leaders and go to a lot of meetings, but I love serving the other Hermanas in zone. Yesterday, we got a new district that was supposed to have five more sisters, but only four showed up. They're super nice and I can tell that we're going to have tons of fun with them. They seemed to be struggling a little bit, but who wasn't on the first day?!

On Sunday, as we were sitting in Relief Society, Hermana Lyons came up with the analogy that the
Book of Mormon (BOM) is like a bomb.

-your life will be changed forever
-you become closer to God
-only takes one try (1 sec)
-it changes the lives of people around you
-it's impossible to deny it's power

I got a kick out of this and thought you'd all enjoy this as well!

At the temple, earlier today, there were three people who were going through the temple for the first time!  It was a really neat experience and it helped me think about when I went through the first time. There were two girls who were about to get married and a guy who was about to serve a mission!

So, randomly, the hermanas in my district and I were talking about where we've had other relatives serve missions. Hermana Higgs had a cousin who served in Salmon!! His name's Zach Rasmussen. She also has a friend who's grandparents live in Salmon as well! Their last name is Glover.

At devotional on Tuesday, we sat by some sisters who were going to Independence, MO on their mission. One of them was Elder Thompson's sister who served in Naper 2!! What the freak!! I also ran into Levi's (FHE brother) sister randomly at the residence halls!! Small world!!

Earlier this week, right before the old zone leaders left, they gave the other district in my zone fiber gummies, but didn't tell them what they were. Apparently, they ate WAY too many and had issues for the next few days...if you know what I mean. I felt really bad for them, but at the same time, I thought it was hilarious!

We also found out this week that we can check out musical instruments from the front desk, so Hermana Morgan and I are doing a flute/piano duet on Sunday during Sacrament meeting!! We're playing Joseph Smith's First Prayer. I was super excited when we found this out cause I really miss my flute!!

Every day that we're here I can feel myself growing closer and closer to Christ and my testimony is increasing. I absolutely love it here and am so grateful for the opportunity to be.

Con amor,

Hermana Halliday

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