Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sherilyn's Farewell

Sherilyn's Call Opening
This past weekend, four of my friends (Tatum, Hannah, Raetchel, and Nancy) went to Show Low/Snowflake, Arizona to see our other friend (Sherilyn) give her mission farewell talk.  It was a really neat experience since she's the first of our tight knit group of friends to leave us to serve a mission.  We, along with a few others, were all together when President Monson made the announcement back in October 2012.  We've all been together through the entire process and now many of us have our calls/are about to get our calls and are preparing to serve the Lord.  The spirit was so strong during her talk and throughout the entire weekend.  It's almost hard to believe that this is actually happening and that we're even able to do it.  The great thing about serving a mission, is that it's not goodbye forever.  Just for 18 months!  When we all come back, we're going to be stronger than ever and the world won't know what's hit it!

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